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  • Cost effective
  • Highly visible
  • High retention factor
  • Exclusive
  • Media friendly

Cost Effective

Pound for pound, hot air ballooning is five times more effective than any other form of advertising medium in terms of cost to benefit ratio - and that's just considering those that see your balloon as it takes flight. LTA balloons promote press and media coverage in addition to this meaning that on average, a single hot air balloon appearance directly generates publicity pound at a value seven times the actual cost of the balloon promotion. Now those are figures we like!

Highly Visible,
High Retention Factor

There's no doubt that a hot air balloon draws immediate attention from members of the public, but there is also a highly elevated level of brand retention. Studies show that nearly everyone who sees your balloon will remember it and recognise your brand - making a balloon four times more powerful than a billboard.


Hot air balloons are one of the most exclusive forms of advertising. There is far less saturation in the hot air balloon advertising market than in all other forms of advertising - easily making your brand image rise miles above your competitors'. To consumers, a hot air balloon is still something special and something to be marvelled at - ensuring they remember your company as out of the ordinary, elite and exciting.

Media Friendly

Hot air balloons make advertising into an event. Even private launches will draw crowds, with larger air ballooning events drawing thousands of members of the public along with press and media crews. LTA works very closely with you and the media to gain as much coverage as possible - we provide press kits, rides and interviews to maximise your campaign without further costs, though the value can exceed thousands of pounds and, in some cases, millions.


Paddy Power

Built in time, on budget and in secret. 'Everywhere they go Paddy’s lucky underpants steal the show. We couldn’t ask for more.'

Learning Balloon

'Sponsoring the learning balloon competition team opened numerous doors for us. The contacts we made and the advertising we received, including an appearance on Blue Peter, paid huge dividends.'