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At Lighter Than Air (LTA) we specialise in the design, manufacture and operation of advertising hot air balloons and airships on a local, national and international basis. We offer a full and bespoke graphic design, production and PR package to complement your aerial marketing programme, and pride ourselves on providing a personal service. Our expert team of designers and pilots will ensure your brand or product is seen by the largest possible audience.

Whether you choose to have your brand name emblazoned on one of our standard advertising hot air balloons or airships, or you have a dream of a custom shaped balloon, we can bring your vision to the skies.

In aerial marketing, image is everything

Nothing shouts your brand name louder and further than a Lighter Than Air

hot air balloon.

A burst of colour against a perfect blue

sky, along with the sheer size of a

corporate hot air balloon will always amaze

and entice people, making you brand

unforgettable. No billboard or

TV commercial can grab half the attention

a corporate hot air balloon can achieve.

It provides a high impact visual message with a retention factor far greater than

any other form of advertising.

Hot air balloon advertising works

From mass media to targeted campaigns,

a corporate hot air balloon is one of the

most effective promotional tools an organization can use in enhancing its overall image.

Our Clients

Cj Hole
Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority
Al Ain Aerobatic Show
Taiwans Treasure
The Learning Balloon
Digital Learnign Market Place

Bristol 10km launch for G-OTCT

Aerial Marketing specialists Lighter Than Air have launched their latest sponsored balloon at the Bristol 10KM which took place on May 7th 2017...

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Goodbye Oons Kearlke and Oons Wiefke!

2017 has started with a fond farewell to our special shape balloons Oons Wiefke and Oons Kearlke who have headed off on a new adventure...

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